Linguistic Research and Development Department

29 january 2020 year

Scientific and the scientific-technical activity

The scientific and the scientific-technical activity in 2018 was carried out in 3 scientific directions



SCIENTIFIC REASEARCH “The develoment of conceptual basics of creating an integrated electronical system of lingustic informational assurance of the activity of the structural units of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine”,pressmark: “Е-Standard”, ordered by the chief of the Military research and development directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
The scientific research product "E-Standard" is the result of persistent labor of the employees of the research and development center on the creation of a unified integrated system of informational assurance of the activity of the structural units of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, which was founded in 2012 together with the creation of an electronic data base(scientific research "E-Dictionary"). As a result of the research carried out and in accordance with the set purpose a pilot project of the electronic data base of standartized military vocabulary and texts of military standards has been created. During the course of work on creating the data base modern informational technologies and modern informational systems were analysed, so as their development. There's research been done in the sphere of the database itself and the systems of their command and control which are actively being used at the moment.


SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH “The problems of effectiveness of military scientific assurance of troops (forces) pressmark: "Hierarch", ordered by the chief of military research directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The aim of research: on the basis of the analyses of the topic of the effectiveness of military science activity (MSA) to determine the prioritive direction to increase the assurance of the main purpose of military science - the improvement of "combat" systems (CS) "troops formation"  as objects of military science.
The object of research is the system of "military scientific assurance" (MSA) of troops (forces) as a difficult ergatic system of an organized type, which has the appropriate systematical features, peculiarities and characterisitcs.
The subject of research  are the "sytematical" features of a combined system of MSA which should be perceived as the prioritive factors of the effectiveness of the object for research and development.
The methodological basis of research is the "systematical approach", it's main principles are "a maximum of systematic effectiveness" and "the optimizing of the systems strucuture", the methods of its realization - systematical analyses, systematical synthesis, methods of solutions of analyses and synthesis (research operations).
The scientific task is to maximize the effectiveness of the MSA system through optimizing its systematical parameters.

SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH “The development of an electronic handbook and its implementation in the course of the educaional process of the Military Institute of the Kiev Taras Shevchenko National University" pressmark: "E-handbook", ordered by the chief of the Military Institute of Kiev Taras Shevchenko National University.

A a result of research carried out a new version of the program for electronic handbooks on the basis of military translation (Both English and French) was created. 
In the course of labour a number of theoretical and practical assignments were fullfilled, particularily carrying out the analyses of the platform to create networking handbooks, there's been a presentation of the requirements to these handbooks as to the elements of remote studying that are relevant to the modern state of implementing the computer network technologies; The described opportunity to use the system of remote education as a network application to the traditional educational process.
The basis of development of the system of remote education to create an electronic handbook is formed by the principles of a classical handbook on the basics of military translation. With the aid of an electronic carrier the problem of quantity of material and rapid search of necessary information has been solved. Due to the fact that the electronic handbook is an open type handbook, there's a permanent opportunity for its renewal and addition.
The format of the handbook provides opportunity to regularily renew the information and include the necessary adjustments, as a future perspective the number of handbooks can be increased. 

SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH “The development of an automated system of monitoring of foreign mass-media on the matter of displaying events in Ukraine with the aim to determine the sources of informational influence", pressmark "Basis-M", ordered by the chief of Military Institute of the Kiev Taras Shevchenko University.

The components of a system to determine the sources of informational influence (II), which is carried out by foreign mass-media concerning the display of events in Ukraine has been developed.

The linguistic component:
- an english text corps of socio-political direction has been created;
- the lingustic elements that are meant to be determined have been highlighted;
- the key blocks of forming topics with the appropriate terms and expressions have been determined.

An algorythmic component:
- the methods of Sentiment - analyses have been determined, the most effective in the sense of carrying out the tasks of the scientific research, together with the appropriate algorytm of automated education and instruments for classification.
- the algorythm to determine the source of informational influence has been developed.
- a prototype for the emotional evaluation of sentenses in natural language has been developed.

In the course of the scientific research a new basic platform on the analyses and electronic processing of english mass-media concerning the events in Ukraine has been created. The linguistic determination of knowledge in the field concerned expresses the morphological, synthaxical and semantical levels of a linguistic system. On the level of semantic determination all the fragments of the text are united in a singular logico-semantical structure, the processing encompasse the generalization and the unifying of terms, relations and their charcteristics. 
The main peculiarities of the discourse of foreign mass-media concerning Ukraine have been determined. So, in the course of analyzing the messages of the prominent foreign mass-media, aimed at the english speaking audience, particularily the USA and the countries of the European Union, certain differences in the course of dissemenating information concerning the events in Ukraine and their main participants have been determined. Particularily, in the articles  which are highlighting the ongoing conflict in eastern Ukraine the pro-Ukrainian position is commonly ushered by the US mass-media, the opposite positions which disfavours the interests of Ukraine can be observed in prominent european mass-media from time to time. Particularily, such an agenda is often a characteristic of such european channels as "EURONEWS" and "Deutschewelle", the english version of Russia Today, and also to such publishers as the "Guardian", "France 24" and a number of others. 
The main tendencies of forming the public opinion in english mass-media concerning the topic of the day have been determined in the course of lexical processing of messages and form a solid basis for decision making by the system in the course of task fulfillment.