Linguistic Research and Development Department

08 december 2019 year

Main tasks



The conduction of scientific research in the field of linguistic assurance of troops (forces)



The planning, organizing and conducting of scientific and technical activities in the sphere of linguistic assurance of the activity of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


The main tasks in the sphere of scientific and scientific-research activity of the Linguistic research and development department:

  • the conduction of scientific-research and applied scientific activities in the sphere of translation studies, linguistics applied linguistics, linguodidactics, linguodiagnosis the lexicographical, normative codifying the military regional studies and the informational-analytical activity of the Ministry of Defense and the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine;
  • the generalization and implementation of modern methods, educational standards, the prominent experience of scientific, educational and methodological work, new informational and communicative technologies, the implementing of up-to-date scientific experience and the results of scientific research into the practise of military translation and the training programme for highly qualified interpreters, the development of propositions concerning the improvement of the educational process;
  • the analyses, creation and standartizing the equivalents for new terms and definitions, informative, referential and topical glossaries and informational-analitycal materials on issues of modern weaponry and the doctrines of foreign armies etc; 
  • the scientific research activity in the course of formatting the competence of translative formating and psycholinguistic problems of translation, modern informational processes, the doctrines of foreign armies, etc; 
  • full and qualitive translational assistance of the activity of the Ministry of Defence and the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine;
  • the development of military-theoretical works, monographies, dissertations, hand books, encyclopedia, encyclopedic directories, scientific articles, scientific messages, textbooks, tutorials, software and also the development of statute (normative) documents in accordance with plans of the appropriate bodies of military command; the engagement of new informational technologies to create and support computer dictionaries and the carrying out automated translation.