Linguistic Research and Development Department

08 december 2019 year

About us

The Linguistic research and development department (further -LRDD) is a scientific structural unit of the scientific research center at the Military Institute of the Kiev Taras Shevchenko National University.

The Linguistic research and development department - is the first and unique scientific research facility within the Armed Forces of Ukraine which aims at conducting scientific research in the sphere of linguistic assurance of troops (forces).

Currently the linguistic support of the activities of troops (forces) plays a significant role in the development of international connections of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the assurance of events in the context of international mlitary cooperation, the participation of units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in international military exercises and the promotion of military cooperation of Ukraine with the EU and NATO.

Under the conditions of carrying out the anti-terroristic operation on the territory of Ukraine and a significant necessity of intenational political support and the supply of necessary materials for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the linguistic assurance of the activity of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine, the General Staff of Ukraine and other structural units becomes both prior and crucial.

The linguistic support encompasses the carrying out of both oral and writen translations, organizing the linguistic exercise, the improvement of foreign language teaching methods, the composing of dictionairies, the development of military standards, scientific-research activities and also the evaluation of the linguistic skills and the certification of language knowledge.

The Linguistic research and development department is responsible for carrying out the organization and implementation of scientific and technical activities in the context of linguistic assurance of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. 

The translation assistance of the linguistic support encompasses the following pair of languages: ukrainian-english, ukrainian-german, ukrainian-french etc.

Upon the basis of finished translations a great deal of terminological and lexicographical work is being carried out which eventually results in publishing of glossaries and dictionaries. 

The aim of creating norms and terms within the competence of the center  - is the creation of a lexicographical base of translated equivalents of the foreign languages in military-political, military-technical and military-special sphere that consequently assure:

– the ability to work with materials which highlight the military-political, military-special and military-technical topics and their qualitive translation; 
– the ability to organize qualitive and effective preparation of military personnel, who are studying foreign languages and also of military interpreters;
– the creation of a basis for further scientific-research activities in the sphere of reasearch and development  of military political, military-special and military-technical terminology in English, Ukrainian, Russian and other languages in order to create dictionairies of military vocabulary;
– the ability to scrutinize the ways of development of Ukrainian military terminology.

The globalization process and the excistence of a great number of languages increases the necessity for multilangual linguistic assurance, which means that this field of scientific research demands significant recognition due to the fact that translation is a rapidly growing linguistic field worldwide. Therefore under the conditions of the abovementioned significant challenges the linguistic activity is drastcially changing. The interpreter is no longer a mere retranslator of the text, he becomes a linguist - a science worker, an advisor and editor in chief.