Linguistic Research and Development Department

29 january 2020 year

Current projects

Informational hub of standartized military terminology 
Informational hub of standartized military terminology was created with  the aim to normalize the translations of standartized ukrainian military terminology, and also to implement the usage of ukrainian equivalents of standartized foreign military terminology that's implemented in NATO's service documents. This hub includes bilingual military standards which encope both terms and abbreviations. The access to several parts of the hub will be available after registration.



Informational system of military standards of Ukraine
The informational hub includes all the military standards of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and also the lists of current NATO standards. There's a subdivision of standartized ukrainian terms and definitions. The access to the hub can be available after registration at the Directorate of standartization, codification and cataloguing.




The advanced distributed learning system for foreigns languages

This hub presents the electronic tutorials on studying the basics of military translation of the French and the English language in test mode. There're plans to present tutorials on stuying the English language in 2017.