Linguistic Research and Development Department

29 january 2020 year


The Linguistic Department has finalized the translation of another NATO Standard, Allied Joint Doctrine for Counter-Insurgency (COIN) (STANAG 2611), Allied Joint Publication AJP-3.4.4, Edition A, Version 1.

It provides NATO joint doctrine to guide commanders, staffs and forces engaged in planning and conducting COIN. It also informs civil actors involved in stabilization and security operations about the full range of capabilities the military may contribute to a unity of effort required to contain an insurgency and/or support resolving complex problems.

Having identified many lessons through recent operations, this AJP is primarily intended to guide users at the operational level. First, it explains the concepts of insurgency and counter-insurgency. Secondly, it describes the complex operating environment, its actors and important influencing factors.

Although fragile states seem more susceptible to insurgency, this phenomenon is by no means limited to these states.

Finally, it articulates the principles of COIN and planning considerations for potential operations.