Linguistic Research and Development Department

27 may 2019 year

The summing up of the activity of the Department in 2017 and the main tasks for 2018

The summing up of the activity of the Department in the year 2017 and the main tasks for the year 2018.

09:30, 08-12-2017

Today the expanded meeting of the Linguistic Department has taken place. There was a summing up of our activity in the year 2017 and also the main tasks for 2018 have been set. This year has been pretty dynamical and rich in the context of events. Our main achievements in the course of this year together with the tasks that have been fulfilled in accordance with plans are the launching of a bi-lingual terminological standardization in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the development of three military terminological standards. Besides on the basis of one of the standards a unified catalogue of the capabilities of the Armed Forces and The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine has been developed. The Department continued the conduction of scientific research, assuring the functioning of the terminological resources of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In the course of the year more than 2500 pages of different documents have been interpreted and the conduction of more than 37 events on international defense cooperation have been assured.

As for the year 2018 besides carrying out our prior tasks we’re planning to approve the Strategy for Development of the Linguistic Department for the coming 5 years, sing the Memorandum on cooperation with the University of Leeds (Great-Britain) and start the work on a common scientific project within the framework of the NATO SPS Program. In the first six months of 2018 there’re plans to conduct the first seminar on military technology and translation in the security and defense sector of Ukraine. A separate crucial direction of activity will be the improvement of the professional skills of our military interpreters and terminologists on the basis of foreign linguistic centers. There’re already a number of preliminary agreements on the internship of our specialists in the course of one month twice a year on the basis of the Linguistic agency of the German Armed Forces.